Monday, March 1, 2010

Be The First To Discover a Whole New “World of Warcraft Game Experience“

Be The First To Discover a Whole New “World of Warcraft Experience” With New Tips And Tricks You Can Only Imagine!
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Dear World of Warcraft Gamer:
If you have ever logged in to the MMORPG known as World of Warcraft, then you are probably already aware of the fact that the world this game offers is virtually infinite, and full of things to do and see.
World of Warcraft has been around for a while now, and for that reason, players have managed to uncover and discover all kinds of interesting tips, tricks and other adventures that are not part of the everyday game experience, and these new and exciting endeavors are including everything from new and interesting ways to play, to tips and tricks for getting around bosses, leveling more quickly and otherwise taking advantage of the game play in ways that are completely legitimate and legal.

You Will Be Shocked To Discover These Tips,
Tricks and Other Tidbits of Information Are:
img 100% Legitimate
img 100% Legal
img 100% Safe
img They will not get your account hacked,
img They will not get your account banned by Blizzard.
By taking advantage of these little tricks and other fun things to do in World of Warcraft, you will NOT be putting your account at risk, because everything contained within my instructional eBook is designed to be completely legitimate. 

This World of Warcraft tips and tricks guide will allow you to take advantage of high speed leveling tricks, including:
* Grant levels to other players in the game in order to make friends + have fun,
* Grind through levels at breakneck speeds at Oronok's Farm,
* Pull Cursed Talismans at an incredible rate of 80%,
* Spam XP in the Hellfire Peninsula as a Death Knight,
* Speed up your leveling using quest mounts in Dragonblight,
* Respawn quick XP in the Icemist Village
These tricks for quick and speedy leveling are not the only tips and tricks  

This World of Warcraft tips and tricks guide will allow you to take advantage of instance running tricks, including:
img Running Blood Furnace in Heroic Mode in only 15 minutes once a day,
img Using a Rogue to farm Ramparts,
img Running Instances without any combat,
img Boosting your reputation using Netherwing,
img Going Down Below Karazhan,
img Killing the 'Shade of Aran' without taking DPS,
img Dropping a hunter below Deadmines with your pet,
img Killing Jan'Alai without any Adds
img Farming for Badges on Krystallus.
With leveling tricks and tricks for instance running. The most commonly asked for tips and tricks relate to making more gold, more quickly than before. Most players on World of Warcraft are looking to generate gold.

This World of Warcraft tips and tricks guide will allow you to take advantage of gold making methods, tips and tricks, including:
Easily farming for water motes,
Using Cenarion Rep to find gold,
Easy void crystals,
Changing the content in lockboxes,
Getting extra "limited sale" labeled items,
Taking advantage of the bid prices in the auction house during "maintenance time"
Leveling mining and herbalism extra fast,
the 10K gold title achievement and gold making.
In addition to these top tricks and tips regarding quick and efficient mining for gold, the eBook is also jam packed with tips and tricks relating to skills, reputation and achievements, 
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This World of Warcraft tips and tricks guide will allow you to take advantage of all kinds of additional cool stuff, including:
Getting in to the Old Ironforge,
Getting inside the Darnassus Bank,
Wall Jumping,
Holding on to your Festive Mug,
Destroying New Agamand,
How to run faster in Buildings
With this guide, you can take your World of Warcraft experience further than ever before, uncovering new adventures every time you connect to the game.
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